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Dr Micaela Ödman-Jaques

Specialist medical practitioner, FMH in otorhinolaryngology, FMH in head and neck surgery Expert in neck ultrasonography, Expert in hearing aids

A welcoming medical practice in the centre of Morges

Easy street-level access, close to public transport links


ENT practice, or "ear, nose and throat"


Dr Ödman-Jacques - medical practice - MorgesThe practice of Dr Ödman-Jaques is ideally located in the centre of Morges.

She receives by appointment patients of all ages for consultations concerning  problems to do with the nose, throat or ear. She also carries out surgical procedures, ultrasound examinations and hearing tests, including assessments for hearing aids.

The consultations can be conducted in French, English, German, Swedish and Italian.

Being registered at the hospital in Morges, Dr Ödman-Jaques has access to the operating theatre and technical facilties of the Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte. She is also available for emergency cases and can take advantage of Morges hospital's infrastructure to hospitalise or operate on patients there, whether emergency or elective.

She is also the official ENT specialist connected with Lausanne Hockey Club.

Patients with private medical insurance can be operated on at the hospital in Morges, at the Bois-Cerf or La Source clinics (in Lausanne) as well as at the clinic in Genolier.



Dr Ödman-Jacques - medical practice - MorgesDr Ödman-Jaques began her medical studies in Lausanne in 1994. After a year in Lund, in Sweden, she obtained her degree in medicine in Lausanne in December 2000. After practising general surgery for a year in the hospital in Morges, she embarked on her ENT training in Lausanne under the supervision of Professor Philippe Monnier. She worked as chief clinician in the hospital at La Chaux-de-Fonds with Drs Jean-Paul Friedrich and Daniel Leuba in 2006-2007 before coming back to CHUV, where she worked as chief clinician for another four years.

Her dissertation, "Influence of diet on the emergence of gallstones", under the supervision of Professor Willy Lehmann and Dr Francis Marchal, was accepted at the University of Geneva in January 2005.

Dr Ödman-Jaques passed her FMH exam as an ENT specialist in 2005 and the exam in the subspecialism of head and neck surgery in 2006. Her training was completed with a diploma in neck ultrasonography in 2010.

So ten years of training have gone into the opening of her practice and her being named a registered medical practitioner at the hospital in Morges, from October 2011.


In brief:

Medical studies  

Lausanne, Switzerland
Lund, Sweden

Postgraduate training:  

Assistant medical practitioner in general surgery, Morges hospital
Assistant medical practitioner in ENT and head and neck surgery, CHUV
Chief clinician in ENT, La Chaux-de-Fonds
Chief clinician in ENT and head and neck surgery, CHUV

Degrees and qualifications:  

Degree in medicine
Doctoral thesis
ENT exam
FMH exam in head and neck surgery
FMH qualification as ENT specialist
FMH qualification as head and neck surgeon 
Diploma in neck ultrasonography
AVS/AI/SUVA/AMF expert in hearing aids
Training in injecting botulinum toxin       
Training in injecting hyaluronic acid  


Practical information

Rue Centrale 21 1110 Morges

Monday to Wednesday: 8:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00

Thursday: 8:00-15:00

Friday: closed