ENT, otorhinolaryngology, or "ear, nose and throat", is a very varied specialism. The range of different symptoms treated includes:

  • Nose: nasal respiration, nose bleeds, broken noses, sinusitis, polyps, smell
  • Throat: tonsils, tonsillitis, voice, coughs, swallowing, snoring, adenoids
  • Mouth: tongue, cheeks, buccal mucosa
  • Ears: ear infections, hearing, dizziness, protruding ears, hearing aids
  • Neck: cysts, salivary glands, thyroid gland, lymph nodes

Surgical procedures

  • Basic ENT: operation on the tonsils, the nasal septum
  • Pediatric ENT: operation on the tonsils, on the adenoids, draining the eardrums
  • Operations on the sinuses and on polyps
  • Neck surgery: operation on cysts or lipomas on the neck, on salivary glands, on the thyroid, on lymph nodes in cancer cases
  • Endoscopy: examination of the bronchi, the oesophagus. Intervention on the vocal cords (polyp, cancer), operation on cancerous lesions or not of the mouth or throat
  • Facial surgery: skin lesions, protruding ears
  • Low-impact cosmetic surgery: Botox or hyaluronic acid injection to smoothe out certain types of wrinkle

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